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Fierce Fridays 9/28/12

Fierce Fridays 9/28/12 from Cole Taylor on Vimeo.
That's right, Fierce Fridays lives again. I know, it's Saturday, but I forgot to post this yesterday. This week's video features Sam Hulbert in the Grizzly backcountry last spring. I left my favorite coffee mug in his car that day and haven't seen it since. Anyways, at least we came away with something!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Burton SLC Premiere

Burton's "13" Premiere in Salt Lake City from Four Horsemen Sales on Vimeo.
This is a little recap I made of last Friday's Burton Event.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vote for the Lost Boys

These are my friends Ben, Alex and Jon from Canada. They've got a chance to win 10 G's so head over and give them a vote. Unfortunately it is one of those contests that pairs friends against friends, with VG, People and 8MileLife in there too. But whatever, you can vote here.

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Damn dude... So dope. The next Pete Wast?

Some Quiksilver Stuff

Really trying to get some Surviving SLC-esque content in here these days.

So chyll...

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Dillon Ojo at COCk

COC Full Part: Dillon Ojo from YoBeat on Vimeo.
Dillon Ojo is only 16. He is a French speaking Canadian, but one might never guess it after having a conversation in English with the kid. He has never seen the Robot Food movies, likely because he was 6 years old when "Afterbang" was released. Despite the need to touch up his knowledge of snowboarding history, we can't deny that he put together a mighty fine full part at camp this summer.
Cameos by L-P Dorval and Mark Goodall.
Video by Cole Taylor.

A Re-post from Deadfix.

Though this should probably be on here...

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2 Wheels

open condom style part two

Hardcore Dude 2011

Parker Duke 2011 Update from Cole Taylor on Vimeo.

Here is an timeline that Parker and I put together of his footage two seasons ago. The time has come to release it to the world.