Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alaskan Adventures

                                           Big Red Killing It In All The Snow
                                                        Action Photo!
                                          Landon claiming hes trying to look like JP
                                             Landon at the Spot
                                             Hows my steez? Bad i know

Ak is ripping. Its dope up here. There is so much snow in the city and in the mountains. Today I went up to a school on the hillside with Landon Holzer, Mike Morgan, and Darren. We set up this triple line thing that is super fun/frustrating. Here's some snap shots by Mike.


Brandon said...

damn you alaskans with all your snow. alaska looks sick. miss you already... NOT

Dude Reagle said...

Brewster pro model hoodie coming out next year: tye-dye flannel!