Thursday, June 11, 2009

Causey cliffs

So I have a friend I work with that decided to go out to Causey reservoir. He found a 100 foot cliff he wanted to jump off. Not a bad idea. Sounds fun right?

Here is the cliff that he had to rock climb to get to the top. No turning back. There was no option to climb back down.

After jumping off the cliff he lost control mid air and belly flopped. Taking most of the impact to the left side of his face.

He ended up shattering bones in his face, collapsing a lung, and doesnt remember hitting the water. Any normal person would have got a lot more fucked up, but BigVerb is a beast.

Verb now has to have reconstructive surgery in his face, and he cant really see out of his left eye.


3 Toes said...

fucking gnar

Dude Reagle said...

I wanna mother big verbs children

cole said...

i hate that shit soo gnarly

BrendonHupp said...

Dude Reagle said...

Brendon, we all know and love bearcubs, you don't have to "myspace" us in a thread. Unless there's some gnarly cliff wreck in those videos somewhere that I didn't wait to see.