Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exclusive coverage of Not Bad! world premiere

This week, I traveled to Whistler, B.C.,where it looked like this:

While in town, our friend Eddie Grams premiered Variety Pack's newest movie, Not Bad! (Which gets two thumbs up). Check the pics:

And check the teaser below:

Keep checking back for more, we apologize for the lack of consistent, and interesting posts, its summer time. Oh, and don't forget to watch for Not Bad!, it will be on the market soon.


taketo said...

Hello Cole.
It is after a long absence.
Do you remember me?
I began blog recently.
I send Japanese information.
I am glad if I link.

cole said...

Yeah whats up Taketo! How is life? I'll check out the blog for sure!

wheredasundontshine said...

chyeaa ... heya colay .. its mikey. i saw it today with erik, jonny, and eddie. rad shit~! but then again .... im pretty sure never gunna get it is gunna blow it out of the waters!

cole said...

oh fo sho!!