Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girdwood Skatepark

The first week of Alyeska snowboard camp just wrapped up here, and it was a blast. Chair 6 laps all day and skatepark and horseshoe sessions all night. We didn't film much on snow, but here is one day of action at the Girdwood skatepark. It looks like the Alaska skate scene is alive and well. Oh, and a very special appearance by... CLIF REAGLE!!!


cole said...

fuck yeah! looks like alaska is having nicer weather than we are.

jheckle said...

well guess i'm the one that needs to caught up on the skate tricks after all. Weeeeeelllll done Noah, got some new stuff in the bag.

just one dude said...


yeah guys got moves, and i miss you, you need to come to the butte.