Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey ya'll I'm back! And so is the snow. So tuck and I figured we should see what we could find in the backcountry outside of Crested Butte and what we found turned out to be some soft turns, good veiws, and a little adventure when I 180ed into a 50ft grass/dirt ride, but i managed to ride it out without a scratch. Well it feels great to be back on my board and we've got quite the winter ahead so stay tuned for many more posts from myself and tuck and of course the rest of the dinos. And check out the pics below!

Hitting the road

Hiking the ridge
Soaking in the views

Mountain horn
She's a Butte

A little air and pow
Slice though the trees
You know the runs over when you get to the river. Great Turns!

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