Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chute Turns Brah

Howdy yall, my name is tucker, its my first post on dinosnow so cut me some slack. some buddies and members of the dinobots piled all their gear into the pathfinder and headed up little cottonwood canyon in search of some soft turns. we hiked up part of Alta and found a great little chute. the snow was soft and awesome, and it was some good exercise. i was snapping photos all the way up so take a gander.

Nick Catmur was speechless

wrenching out a nice little powder turn
Noah getting his first turn of the season
Friggin X-factor
Noahs ready for the chute
Explorer Joe
The hike was fully worth it
Mustache Joe
Aint she a beauty...
Nick found his ski
It got a bit hairy
That was our destination

Straight into the sun

the group of dudes

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