Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sundays with some Dinobots

Hi folks, yesterday was sunday, and it was a good day. Any days a good day when your hanging out with some dinobots, or thats what i think at least. we had a get together at Mr. Hammers house and had quite a time. we skated, played testicle toss, tossed the nerf around, and climbed a fence. its been a little warm here in utah so we have been coming up with things to do that dont involve snowboarding or snow or anything of the sort really. heres some pics of the activity filled sunday. hope you had a good sunday as well.

hasta luego

start the day off by tossing some testicles around
hanging out ramp side
Brandon finding some balance with the ramp
Nick looks good before he drops in
this is brandon, we think hes a great guy

Sums up the day real good


nicholas said...

great day!

clif said...

great beard! brandon your becoming a grown man!