Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mustache Vengance

Recently, TWSnow made a post about all these mustache's and stuff that they thought were just so great. Well, they forgot to add a few of the most mind bending, hair blowing, lady killing stache's out there. Therefore we decided that we would do our own version of the mustache game. Can you match the homie to the number?


3tos said...

1. dr corbotonus jones
3. The Hammer
5. Gizmo
7. Pat
8.Willford Brimley

nicholas said...

1. weak ass stache,
2 cole
3 hammer
4 ash
5 gizzzz
6 nascar driver kent leng
7 pat
8 pats padre
9 another weak ass stache

sargler said...

i like that you put yourself front and center, haha.

cole said...

whatever, you're just jealous cause your stache is "weak ass"*

Nicholas,, comment on October 21st, 2010.