Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Respecting the respecters!

This blog needs some action! its been quite some time since i posted on this blog and the reason for that being is because its been summer temperatures where i live so i sort of forget about posting things to snowboarding blogs. although, last wednesday i went to the Satellite reunion at the Fox theater in Boulder and it was a great time. They played about 6 or 7 snowboarding/skating movies. There was smiling faces all over the place, cool dudes, cool babes, and a cool bar so everyone could get drunk. trust me man it was cool. they played some local summit county boarding flick which was pretty darn good, the new VG movie which was awesome to watch as well, the satellite skate movie which was swell, some other movie, and another one, and the technine flick, which i didn't actually stay and watch because it was the last of the 7 movies and i was a little burnt on the boarding flicks. but the one movie that caught my eye the most was the new Airblaster movie, Respect Your Elders. It is much different than all the other new snowboarding movies that i have seen this fall. my guess is that some people are not going to like this movie, some will appreciate it and some will love it. but not all will like it. its a lot of powder turns, no gigantic insane moves. once again airblaster has done it, they have somehow captured snowboarding in the way that i love it. so if you like nice soft turns and smooth moves, and road trips. then check out the new airblaster movie. you might just enjoy it!


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